Hike along the Rhine Traumpfad Waldschluchtenweg (Forest Ravine Trail)

Hiking along the Waldschluchtenweg means the enjoyment of idyllic brook valleys, unspoilt alluvial. Along narrow paths, the trail goes through fairytale forests, past Roman relics.

Description of the Traumpfad Waldschluchtenweg

The starting point of this circular hiking trail is the car park Feisternachtbach valley. The trail crosses over the L309 and the Hillscheider brook, and above the brook goes through moderately high mixed woodland, past steep cliffs and the Tannenhof’s fish ponds. The trail again crosses over the L309. In serpentines uphill and then further on at Hirzbach up the valley. Through old high forests the path is first gentle and later goes steeply uphill to round the Kuckucksberg.

At once it goes past the waterworks to the Bember mill. The climb that follows leads to the Limes wall, hidden in the forest, a relic of Roman times that is on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites since 2005. Already before the first houses of Höhr-Grenzhausen, at almost a parallel height, the path goes round the side of the Puschenkopf and goes on to the Saustallkopf. In wide serpentines the path now goes downwards into the Feisternachtbach valley, crosses the brook and goes along the left bank downhill to a little lake with a lodge and onwards, back to the starting point. 

Impressions of the Waldschluchtenweg

3D flight of the Waldschluchtenweg

Highlights along the Waldschluchtenweg

  • Feisternachtbach valley
  • World Heritage Site Limes
  • Idyllic brook valleys

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Information about the Waldschluchtenweg

Interactive tour planner

Short facts

  • Length: 11,1 km
  • Height gain: 296m
  • Duration: 3:30 hours
  • Level of difficulty: moderate

For more information, see the interactive tour planner.

How to get there

  • B 42 to Vallendar
  • L 308 towards Höhr-Grenzhausen
  • L 309 towards Hillscheid
  • 56179 Vallendar
    car park Feisternachbachtal (L309)


  • 56179 Vallendar
    car park Feisternachbachtal (L309)


    • 56179 Vallendar
      car park Feisternachbachtal (L309)

    Public transport

    Destination stop:

    • Vallendar Schönstatt


    • 7 (every day)
      (Koblenz Hbf -) Vallendar Bf. – Höhr-Grenzhausen
    • 465 (Mon-Fri)
      Vallendar Bf. – Höhr-Grenzhausen (Hst. Forellenhof)

    Public transport:

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