Description of the Traumpfad Wanderather

This Traumpfad leads from the church in Baar-Wanderath through fields, meadows and forested hill tops with a beautiful panoramic view towards Welschenbach. An easy ascent follows through the forest and then it is open field, meadows and great natural paths again. Gently downwards through the heath landscape and along forest and field paths into the Achterbach valley. The trail runs along the lively rippling brook to the place of worship or meditation, “Schwarze Madonna” (Black Madonna), with a spring and a small bridge. Together with the St. Josse pilgrimage route the trail follows the Achterbach brook (detour to the pilgrimage chapel of St. Jost, which is well worth seeing, is also possible).

Back to the fork the trail continues upards in the Nitzbach valley, along lovely slate cliffs. At Welschenbach it goes into forest that gets more and more dense and past an old quarry. After crossing the brook and the climb, at the edge of the forest there is a marvellous view of Virne Castle. The path continues uphill through meadows, then on to the juniper heath at Hohe Warte. The Wanderather trail goes around the Hohe Warte and then, at its west side, descends to the valley. Here it soon becomes a natural footpath leading uphill, back to Wanderath.

3D flight of the Wanderather

  • Length: 12 km
  • Height gain: 304 m
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Level of difficulty: moderate
  • A 48 Exit Mayen/Mendig
  • B 258 towards Nürburgring
  • towards Virneburg
  • through K12/K11 to Baar-Wanderath
  • 56729 Baar-Wanderath
    former restaurant Waldesruh (Birkenweg 1)
  • 56729 Baar-Wanderath
    former restaurant Waldesruh (Birkenweg 1)
  • 56729 St. Jost
    pilgrimage chapel

Destination stop:

  • Oberbaar


  • 344 (Mon-Sat)
    Mayen Ost Bf. – Herresbach
  • 528 (school days)
    Adenau – Baar

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