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Ai Pero Ristorante, Andernach, Ristorante, Foto = moodley brand identity - Michael Königshofer

Ai Pero – Ristorante, Trattoria & Enoteca

Schafbachstr. 20-24
56626 Andernach

Anyone who has travelled from northern to southern Italy knows how versatile its countrysides are. It means the same for the country´s cuisine which also unites opposites.

“Pizza! Pasta! Pesce! Mamma mia”! We offer homemade Pizza from the wood-fired oven, delicious wines in the Enoteca, the bar, and an awarded gourmet restaurant run by chef Nicholas Hahn.

  • unique gastronomic concept
  • three eclectic areas
  • at the "Hotel am Ochsentor"
  • opened: 12 p.m.-10 p.m., closed on Tue
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