Drei Wanderer in einem Feld

The philosophy

Hiking for pleasure instead of “devouring kilometres“

This is the key message of the premium hiking project “Traumpfad Trails” that does not only offer hiking experiences of the highest level, but is also unique for the hiking country of Germany with its 27 circular trails which can be completed in a half or full day excursion. In contrast to long distance hiking trails that can be made in stages day by day, every morning the guest can make his choice about whether he wants to hike and where to. Like a sort of hiking “menu” there is a choice of tours of the most different lengths, countryside and themes.

Nevertheless, each Traumpfad Trail does not stand on its own but follows a common philosophy and together, all of them form a brand having the highest guarantee of adventure experience – and diversity. The Traumpfad Trails are the first German hiking trail composed of half or full day hikes “served appetizingly”: an absolutely unique feature of the hiking countryside in the Rhine-Mosel-Eifel triangle.


Scenic and cultural beauty

The hiker can explore this scenic and cultural beauty with all his senses along the new Traumpfad Trails. Narrow natural paths over springy soil, through tranquil forests and meadows growing wildly, along rippling brooks, as well as spectacular views, for instance, over the Rhine and Mosel valleys “entices the hiker to walk along them”.

A lovely day in nature

The qualitatively high value circular hiking trails enable the intensive enjoyment of nature and as one or half day tours are specially tailored for the occasional hiker or the hiker for pleasure who likes to spend a “lovely day in nature“, let his soul free and who wants to relax away from everyday stress. Let yourself be tempted into hiking along the Traumpfad Trails. Whether with your partner, family or friends, we have the right tour ready for everyone.

Ein schöner Tag in der Natur
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