Frau liegt im Gras mit Traumpfade-Flyer

The signposts

Location portal – Starting along the Traumpfad Trail

At the start of each tour that you can do in clockwise or anticlockwise direction, our location portal gives you information about the trail’s course, altitude profile and tips on the sights that can be seen.

At the junctions of the Traumpfad Trails you will find an appropriate mini-portal. An overview map gives you information about the current location and the course of the trail.

The way is the goal

beschilderungssystem auf den traumpfaden


The hiker can keep an overview of the Traumpfad Trails by means of signposts located at every junction that informs him about near and far destinations and their distance. The blue point of the sign shows the main route, the yellow point indicates the access route.

Information about the location

On these signposts there is always a location plate (blue = main trail / yellow = access route). These give details about the UTM coordinates as well as the altitude and situation.

Wanderer beim Anstieg


Our markers (Traumpfad Trail logo) are situated at eye level. This makes it practically impossible to get lost. There are two different markers:

  • Our Traumpfad Trails are marked with the Traumpfad logo – white path on an orange background.
  • Access or connecting routes to the Traumpfad Trails are marked with an orange path on a white background (the negative Traumpfad logo).

Relaxation in between

At regular intervals and at particularly beautiful viewpoints comfortable “dream sofas” and ergonomically formed resting banks as “dream stations” invite the hiker to pause for a while, enjoy the scenery and have a picnic.

Ergonomisch geformte Ruhebänke auf den Traumpfaden laden zum Verweilen ein

Tips and information

  • Sturdy shoes are recommended for all trails. Also trekking sticks and surefootedness are recommended for some tours.
  • You will not always find somewhere to eat/drink directly on every trail. Therefore please think about packing something to eat and drink in your rucksack as a small refreshment for en route. Our hosts’ overview map will show you which enterprises are near the corresponding hiking trail.
  • When you have strengthened and refreshed yourself, please take the packaging home or to the next guesthouse. Thank you very much!
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