Wanderer klettert auf Ruine

The quality criteria

The Traumpfad Trails offer what hikers want

All 26 circular hiking tours satisfy the criteria for premium trails and have been awarded the German Hiking Seal. The examination and awards are carried out by the German Hiking Association. This examination is repeated every 3 years.

Form of the trails

  • Special priority is given to earthy, grassy and resilient surfaces. Gravel and asphalt paths are avoided where possible.
  • When selecting the paths, narrow, natural footpaths are given priority.

Trail routing

  • Frequent change of landscape to avoid monotony.


  • Attractive natural countryside like beautiful forests, woodsides and meadow valleys are integrated into the routes of the trails.
  • The trails go as near as possible past natural attractions like ravines and gorges, narrow passes, rocks and ancient trees.
  • The trails are tangential to waters and shores that are as natural as possible.
  • Beautiful views are integrated into the courses of the trails.


  • When going through towns or villages, only pleasant passages are integrated (e.g. beautiful old towns).
  • Historic buildings and monuments like palaces, castles and chapels are integrated where possible directly into the trail or via access routes.
  • Inns and huts are integrated either directly or via access paths.

Hiking guidance

  • Signs: helpful, clear, and free of errors, user-friendly and in good condition
  • Signs include distances in kilometers, trail markers are mounted where they can be easily seen
  • Information boards and location information for orientation
  • Furnishing: benches and resting places

Quality hosts

  • Fulfill the criteria for hiker-friendly hosts of the German Hiking Association
  • Offer special services for hikers
  • Give extensive information about the local hiking paths
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