Höhlen- und Schluchtensteig

Höhlen- und Schluchtensteig

Hike along the Rhine’s Traumpfad Höhlen- und Schluchtensteig Kell (Cave and Canyon Trail)

Mighty cliffs, tuff caves waiting to be explored, a jungle atmosphere in the Wolf’s Pit with its unique waterfall and bubbling springs at the wayside; impressive alternating sleepy brook valleys and panorama views.


Directly after the start at the car park near the K57, the first panoramic view is revealed in the direction of Pöntertal. Field footpaths lead through the wide plain revealing again and again new views, past gnarled fruit trees to the descent down to the idyllic Krayerbach valley. Billowing reeds and huge hedges line the way down to Kryermühle (Kryer Mill). Watercourses accompany the hiker down to the deeply carved Pönterbach valley. And soon the path goes steeply upwards to the refuge hut, and shortly afterwards, a detour to the viewpoint “Schweppenburgblick”. The further course of the trail is characterised by lovely views of the volcanic landscape.

The path, now called the Hermanns-Löns-Pfad, continues along a rock slope steeply downwards to the Jägerheim Inn. Here the path goes under the mighty viaduct, over a meadow through man-high walkable tuff caves. Tuff walls and the remains of the Tönisstein monastery can be discovered at the side of the path before it enters the Wolf’s Dell. Fantastic rock formations, jungle atmosphere, bubbling springs in the brook’s bed, and even a waterfall can be seen here.

The way continues on the L113 long the edge of the forest, slightly uphill to the Roman spring, where water containing CO2 and having a slight smell of sulphur bubbles out of it. The path curves into a tranquil side valley, past another bubbling spring, and then left along an uphill forest path on to an alpine plateau that reveals the impressive “Siebengebirgsblick”. Soon the starting point is reached.

Highlights at Traumpfad

  • Panoramic views “Schöne Aussicht” (Beautiful View) and “Schweppenburgblick” (Schweppenburg View)
  • Viaduct for the volcano express
  • Tuff walls of the Lake Laacher volcano
  • Tuff caves
  • Ruins of the Tönisstein monastery
  • Idyllic brook valleys
  • Unspoilt Wolf’s Dell with its waterfall
  • Bubbling mineral springs at the side of the path

Information about Traumpfad "Höhlen- und Schluchtensteig"


12,1 km


405 m


3 h 30 min.



How to get there
Public transport
  • A 61 Exit Niederzissen
  • B 412 in the direction of Brohl-Lützing/Burgbrohl/Bad Breisig
  • via the L113 on the K58 to Kell
  • Laacher Road (K 57) up to the car park
  • from the direction of Andernach, leave the city from the direction of Rennweg in the direction of Eich, Nickenich, Kell
  • L116 along Eich, through Nickenich, towards Kell on K57
  • continue as in the first description
56626 Andernach-Kell car park Bergwege (on the K 57)
  • 56626 Andernach-Kell car park Bergwege (on the K 57)
  • 56626 Andernach-Kell Bürgerhaus Kell Parkplatz (Pöntertalstraße)
Destination Stop:
Wassenach Mittnacht
  • 310 (every day) Andernach Bf. – Maria Laach
  • 801 (mo-fr) Sinzig railway station – Kempenich
  • 810 (su/so) Bad Breisig – Brohl railway station – Maria Laach

Destination Stop:
Bad Tönisstein railway station / Jägerheim
  • Brohltalbahn „Vulkan-Expreß“ (every day except monday)


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