Hatzenporter Laysteig

Hike along the Mosel-Traumpfad Hatzenporter Laysteig (Hatzenport Lay Trail)

Along unspoilt paths on the steep slopes of the Mosel directly through the vineyards. Via ferrata create thrills, the distinctive Rabenlay and Kreuzlay mounains allow wonderful views before the path plunges into the magical and serene "Schrumpftal" (Schrumpf valley).


The circular trail starts at the station in Hatzenport. A narrow path leads the hiker continuously uphill and rewards him with the first grand view. At the following weather station there is a lot of information on the topic “climate” displayed on information boards. In close touch with the grapevines the way continues idyllically eastwards where there are fantastic views of the Mosel valley, Hatzenport and St. John’s Church. Along partially unspoilt paths, after a few kilometres the distinctive Rabenlay mountain with its breathtaking view is reached.

Here the landscape changes because the path turns away from the Mosel valley. The view stretches over vast fields, only at the Kreuzlay mounain does the glittering Mosel come into view again. Over the soft wavy ridges of the Schromberg Thalsberg mountain range, the hiker soon reaches a marvellous gnarled oak forest through which he immerses in the magical, serene Schrumpf valley. Initially following the quietly gurgling Schrumpfbach brook, the way continues uphill at the Probst Mill to the heights of the Maifeld and finally leads back via the L113 to the edge of the slope where the view over the Mosel opens up. Continuing through the middle of the grapevines there are wonderful views of the Mosel Panorama Trail. Sure-footed hikers can then, as a special finale, try out the spectacular Dolling climbing path, before reaching the destination in Hatzenport.

Highlights at Traumpfad

  • Picturesque Hatzenport
  • Weather station
  • Vineyard hills
  • Fantastic views of the Mosel valley from the Rabenlay and Kreuzlay hills
  • Idyllic Schrumpf valley
  • Mosel Panorama Trail
  • Climbing passages

Information about Traumpfad "Hatzenporter Laysteig"


11,9 km


539 m


4 hours



How to get there
Public transport
  • B 416 along the Moselle to Hatzenport
  • 56332 Hatzenport, Bahnhof (Oberstraße/Schrumpftal)
56332 Hatzenport station (Oberstraße/Schrumpftal)
56332 Hatzenport Station or at the ferry tower
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Destination Stop:
Hatzenport station
  • RB 81 „Moseltal-Bahn“ (every day) Koblenz – Trier
  • Linie 365 RegioBus: (Burg Eltz -) Münstermaifeld-Hatzenport (01.04. bis 01.11.)


On the way with the castle bus

Impressions from the Traumpfad "Hatzenporter Laysteig"


Traumpfad open

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