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Hike along the Eifel Traumpfad Hochbermeler (Hochbermel Trail)

Fiery mountains with distant views, tranquil passages through forests, sleepy valleys, meandering paths and over and over again fantastic distant views of the summits of the volcanic Eifel. The highlight is the walk around the extinct volcano Hochbermel.


The starting point is the little idyllic Eifel village Fensterseifen. From here the trail dives through meadow landscapes full of flowers into a cool forest and going over the Schälskopf, a mini-volcano, returns to the open plain of the Heune with a distant view into the Thürelz valley. The trail follows a field path to the right, crosses a brook in a little wood, and later reveals new views over the open fields. Passing the Heunenhof the descent follows into the tranquil Thürelz brook valley. It gets even more sleepy and idyllic when it branches at a bridge into the Kimpelbach valley.

Soon it turns right into a side valley, through unspoilt mixed forest uphill to the historic Köhler Hut. The trail goes along a brook and continues further on along field and forest paths to the volcano Hochbermel. The track goes around the silent summit just below the peak and has unique views into the basalt quarry which nature has taken over again. The track goes directly along the rim of the former basalt quarry, high up on the Hochbermel. Here there are unique distant views. The descent starts over stony ground.

After a short passage along a wide forest track the trail turns left at the edge of the slope revealing an impressive view of Bermel. Returning to the main path it is possible a little later to make another detour in to the old quarry with thrilling explanations of volcanism and geological history. Afterwards the trail descends continuously along soft forest paths back to Fensterseifen.

Highlights at Traumpfad

  • Unspoilt, silent nature
  • Panorama views and viewing points far into the volcanic Eifel
  • Historic Köhler Hut
  • Walk around the Hochbermel volcano just below its summit
  • A basalt quarry that nature has regained and overgrown

Information about Traumpfad "Hochbermeler"


10 km


360 m


3 hours



How to get there
Further access
Public transport
  • A 48 Exit Laubach
  • L 99 towards Urmersbach
  • after 150m left on to K 11 towards Eppenberg/Kalenborn
  • right on to L 96 towards Monreal
  • after 2 km turn right
56729 Bermel-Fensterseifen (Hillesheimstraße)
56729 Bermel-Fensterseifen car park at K 8
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Destination Stop:
Fensterseifen Abzw.
  • 334 (Mon-Sat) Mayen Ost Bf. – Monreal Bf. – Ulmen Bf.


Impressions from the Traumpfad "Hochbermeler"


Traumpfad open

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