Hike along the Eifel Traumpfad Vier-Berge-Tour (Four Mountain Tour)

Four mountains in one circular tour - idyllic valleys, tranquil forests and fantastic distant views. As a special treat there are rocks, ravines, caves, mighty tree giants, and even an ant path with its own bridge!!


The access path goes from the carpark Erlen Mill in Mendig into the idyllic Kellbach valley. The Vier-Berge-Tour starts here after 700 m and goes upwards over the hill slope. Soon a detour is recommended into the rocky region “Rauhbuur” with massive tuff walls whose stones were used for a long time in the making of baking ovens.

After the car park Schweinsgraben on the L 82 the trail continues along natural forest paths. The second little bridge in the forest earns our attention – it serves to protect the ant path that crosses here! Further uphill an excursion is recommended to the impressive rocky gorges of Marxe-Lay. Shortly afterwards the path goes through wonderful mixed forest.

Just before the edge of the forest, in a sharp left turn, do not overlook the A-oak tree! The climb up the first mountain follows – the Gänsehals – the first glimpses of the Laacher Lake and the Neuwied basin call for a pause to catch one’s breath. A sleepy narrow pass runs uphill and then below the second mountain, the Schmitzkopf, with panoramic views. Reaching the forest again, the trail continues on soft paths uphill to mountain no. 3: Sulzbusch.

The descent leads initially through forests, then fields and meadows, and after crossing the L 82, it goes past refuge caves – the sandy caves. The ascent to the fourth mountain, the Hochstein, requires some degree if fitness. Having reached the top, the trail continues through the forest to the rock viewing point of the Hochstein. Some metres below the next attraction is waiting: the Genoveva Caves. After the descent through silent forest into the Kellbach valley, the acidulous waters of the Erlenbrunnen spring fountain at the starting point are refreshing.

Highlights at Traumpfad

  • Volcano Gänsehals Schmitzkopf Sulzbusch Hochstein with fantastic views over the volcanic Eifel Pellenz and the Neuwied basin
  • Idyllic Kellbach valley
  • Massive tuff walls in the rocky region “Rauhbuur“
  • impressive gorges in Marxe Lay
  • Erlenbrunnen spring and the legendary Genoveva Caves

Information about Traumpfad "Vier-Berge-Tour"


12,9 km


504 m


5 hours



How to get there
Public transport
  • A 61 Exit Mendig/Maria Laach
  • B262 towards Mayen
  • right towards Mendig/Bell/Obermendig
  • 200 meter left in Laacher Straße
  • first option right 300 meter to car park Erlenmühle
  • 56743 Mendig, car park Erlenmühle (Ernteweg)
56743 Mendig car park Erlenmühle (Ernteweg)
  • 56743 Mendig car park Erlenmühle (Ernteweg)
  • 56745 Bell Gänsehals, hiker car park Gänsehals
  • 56745 Bell car park Schweinsgraben at L 82
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Destination Stop:
Ettringen, Roderhöfe (Quereinstieg Hochsteinhöhle)
  • Linie 390 RegioBus: Mayen - St. Johann - Bell - Niedermendig

Destination Stop:
Bell, Neustraße (ca. 1,5 km bis Startpunkt)
  • Linie 390 RegioBus: Mayen - St. Johann - Bell - Niedermendig


Impressions from the Traumpfad "Vier-Berge-Tour"


current route information
Exkurs zu den Felsschluchten der Marxe-Lay ist gesperrt

Aufgrund von Felssicherungsarbeiten ist der Exkurs zu den Felsschluchten Marxe-Lay gesperrt. (Stand: 10.01.2023)

(Gültig von 10.01.2023 bis 17.01.2023)
Sperrung Gänsehalsturm

Aus Gründen der Verkehrssicherungspflicht schließt der Betreiber des Gänsehalsturms von Einsetzen der Frostperiode bis Ostern den Turm. Durch Kondensation kann sich Eis bilden und die Besucher könnten auf den glatten Stufen ausrutschen und sich verletzen.

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