Hiking along the Eifel-Traumpfad Förstersteig (Forester’s Trail)

15 km of fantastic forest paths with breathtaking panoramic views distinguish this hiking trail with Premium Quality. Hiking in the Eifel is fun on this good day excursion! Half way along the trail Burresheim Castle invites the hiker to a visit and allows a unique glimpse into the life of the aristocracy between the 15th and 20th centuries.


The day trip along the Traumpfad Förstersteig starts in Mayen-Kürrenberg. From here a forest path leads gently downhill in shady high forest through the Ruppen valley, then through the Eiterbach valley with its lively rippling brook. At the Eiterbach Pond a refuge hut and benches invite the hiker to a short stay. The path continues moderately downhill to the Luisenplatz hut with a fine panorama view over Mayen, the Maifeld and toward the Rhine.

Continuing, the trail leads to the refuge hut “Altener Tempelchen”, with a view of the mighty basalt columns of the quarry on the opposite side. The path goes steadily uphill to the “Fünfkantstein“ (five sided stone) (a historic path marker, with refuge hut). Below there are great views of the Bürresheim Castle and the Nette valley. Arriving directly at the Nette, after a short stretch along the L83, the trail continues to the historic Hamme Mill and further along the banks of the Nette and the Nitz valley. After the climb along the spine of a rocky ridge the path continues through an oak coppice to the Schälkopf peak with a lovely view of the Nitz valley. A serpentine footpath winds uphill to Kürrenberg. The trail continues along the edge of the forest past horse paddocks and meadows to the summit of the Scheidkopf – the start of the closing panorama festival of the one-day tour with many distant views over the Eifel landscape!

Highlights at Traumpfad

  • Eiterbach Valley with pond
  • Luisenplatz refuge hut with an overwhelming panoramic view
  • Mighty basalt columns
  • The historical path marker “Fünfkantstein” (five sided stone)
  • Nette valley
  • Bürresheim Castle
  • Nitz valley
  • Scheidkopf summit with panorama of the Eifel

Information about Traumpfad "Förstersteig"


14,7 km


509 m


5:30 hours



How to get there
Public transport
  • A 48 Exit Mayen/Mendig
  • B 258 towards Nürburgring
  • right after colonel-Hauschild-barracks towards Kürrenberg
  • after approx. 700 meter right on car park at B 258 (sign: Kletterwald Vulkanpark)
  • 56727 Mayen, Am Leichenweg at Mayen-Kürrenberg
56727 Mayen-Kürrenberg car park Am Leichenweg (B 258)
  • 56727 Mayen, Am Leichenweg at Mayen-Kürrenberg
  • 56727 Mayen, Schützenplatz (At L 83 Bürresheimer Straße)
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Destination Stop:
Kürrenberg war memorial

Destination Stop:


Impressions from the Traumpfad "Förstersteig"


current route information
Förstersteig mit einer Umleitung wieder wanderbar

Aufgrund der Unwetter im Sommer 2021 wurde eine Brücke komplett zerstört. Da die Brückensanierung länger andauert wurde eine weiträumige Umleitung eingerichtet. Dadurch verkürzt sich der Weg auf 14,7 km. Die Karte mit Umleitung und die GPX Daten finden Sie in unserem Tourenplaner. (Stand: 05.01.2022)

(Stand: 05.01.2022)

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